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We are.

A unique team of researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs with versatile backgrounds, making our combined value unique to the edible insect industry.

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Bug Mars was founded in early 2021, during a global pandemic that highlighted environmental, supply chain and food security fragility.

Our vision is to empower and transform our food landscape with AI.

We use technology to improve supply reliability, make sustainable protein sources accessible and abundant while reducing our ecological impact one insect at a time.


The inspiration for Bug Mars.

Nat Duncan

Her efforts to embrace sustainable and ethical practices, along with her in-depth understanding of materials science and disaster preparedness, have solidified Bug Mars’ position as a market leader in circular, alternative living. Nat’s fascination for bugs has driven her success, leading her to create a development that is truly innovative.

“We are rethinking the ways in which sustainable farming can be made profitable and accessible. I want the world to consume more insects, and I want to find new ways to make that possible. “- Nat

“Food production is critical infrastructure.” - Seth

Making it happen, for real.

Seth Hardy

Computer security generalist and reverse engineer who can build things as well as break them. Seth pivoted to Bug Mars from the world of security research as a way of trying to leave the world better than he found it.

Intuitive user design for a sleek user experience.

Michael Townsend
Senior Software Engineer of Digital Realms

Extensive experience in turning ambitious ideas into tangible projects and in making the complicated simple through carefully crafted interface design.

Michael has developed a particular interest in using technology for social good. He has a knack for finding innovative ways to bring ideas to life and an unwavering commitment to achieving results while honouring any project’s core goals.

“When Bug Mars was conceptualised, my involvement was certain. The combination of prosocial goals, cutting-edge technology, and futurist thinking slightly ahead of the general consciousness was too good to pass up. I believe the world needs Bug Mars.” - Michael

“Insect behavior is endlessly fascinating. Understanding and monitoring the behavior and metabolic needs of insect livestock is vital to success in farming” - Lee

Chief Insect Officer

Lee Bess, PhD

Lee discovered early in their life that biology can be a gateway for understanding evolution, permaculture, sustainable agriculture, and even organic chemistry. Now, with more than 20 years of professional experience in entomology, they bring broad insect expertise, a passion for food justice, and a strong motivation to answer your bug questions.