AI-Enabled Vertical Farms

For both urban and rural uses


Ready to start farming? 

Our modular farm plans are designed for optimal use with Hexapod. 

AI enabled

Tech Specs

20’ or 40’ container specs available.

Monitored with  environmental sensors.

High efficiency electric heating and cooling.

Aumtomated water system.

240V/30A electrical connection required.

Internet connection strongly suggested, but not required.


Designed for agricultural use. 

High efficiency, automated heating and cooling system, which keeps the  temperature exactly where it needs to be for maximum insect comfort.

Hexapod uses its sophisticated algorithms to make sure that the temperature, humidity, and other environmental parameters are adjusted as needed.



Designed for smart cities.

An innovative new approach to energy efficiency and waste heat management.  DEIMOS is able to reclaim and reuse waste heat that would otherwise have been lost. This helps reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Designed for urban locations, with an additional focus on monitoring energy consumption and recovery. This allows insect farms to have a net positive impact in urban settings.