Optimize your operations with


Insect farm management using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Optimize your
operations with

Insect Farm Management Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


24 hour surveillance
Cameras and sensors

No more manual checks for:

  • Pests
  • Food/water reserves
  • Mold
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Hatching


Images are captured
Hexapod instantaneously reviews them

Hexapod runs continuously tracking temperature, pests and number of insects.


Overtime the system will predict issues and recommend actions.
Improving with every cycle

Manually flag your concerns.
Increased data flow helps train Hexapod on your farm, faster.
Hexapod becomes more refined, accurate and predictive.


The dashboard is simple to use.
Automated alerts directly to your device.
Customize the dashboard on your needs.

What Hexapod can do for you

Expand Productivity
Increase your yield
Reduce your mortality
Send mobile alerts when thresholds are passed
Improve your operations

Streamline and even eliminate some processes
Alert you of problems 
Provide detailed sensor data
Set your own thresholds
Analyze your performance