Optimize your operations with


Insect farm management using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Realtime farm statistics without the work of manual monitoring.

Hexapod uses cameras and environmental sensors to create an accurate snapshot of the current state of your farm in real time – no work necessary.

Closed-loop environmental control for improving yield,  automatically.

Hexapod collects data to make AI-based recommendations for how to improve yield through environmental control. These recommendations can then be deployed automatically through integration with your farm’s HVAC system. 

Disease and pest identification faster than with the human eye.

Hexapod uses state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms to identify signs of pests or disease in your farm, sending immediate alerts to the right people via email, text, or phone push notifications.   

Online / offline access.

We understand that many farms do not have high-speed internet, or reliable connectivity at all. Hexapod runs on a local appliance designed for harsh environments, using very little power, and can work with unreliable or slow internet connections. All AI and computer vision processing is done locally on the Hexapod appliance.

Security by design.

Food production is critical infrastructure. Your data is safe with Hexapod. Our team has a strong background in IoT security, and Hexapod is built from the ground up with security and privacy in mind.

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