Precision AgTech for Insect Farms

Technology can drive positive change and create a more equitable future for us all, one insect at a time.

Scalable, AI Software Solutions

Discover the power of AI with our innovative insect farm management system Hexapod! Reduce labour costs and improve yields through the use of powerful AI monitoring technology that notifies you of potential problems. Future-proof your farming potential with AI.

Automate Your Farm Operations

Our smart farming solutions give you all the information you need or want, in real time.
We’ll help you scale your operations without losing control.

Save Time and Money

Focus on growing your business while Hexapod automates or eliminates processes and alerts you to problems before they become a crisis.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The core of Hexapod is a machine-learning engine that makes smart decisions based on data.

Reduce Labour

We help you scale your operation, reducing the need for additional human labour.
Smart Software

Our AI software allows you to grow with your business, not against it. It’s smart, secure, and can be used anywhere. Even Mars. We didn’t have to go there, but we could…
Hatch Notification

You will be notified when your eggs are ready to hatch without having to check on them constantly.

Hexapod runs locally. High speed internet access is not needed. We help you predict and avoid pests, increase efficiency, maximise profits and keep up with your customers’ demand.

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