Hexapod Farm Management System

Maximize efficiency and reduce loss.

Automatically monitor and record the current state of your insect habitats with Hexapod

Using cameras and environmental sensors, Hexapod can detect colony threats in real-time, faster than the human eye.

Our machine learning platform provides operational insights on how to improve growth rates, lower mortality, and optimize harvest windows in your operation for increased yield.


How It Works


Custom habitats with cameras and sensors watch over your stock. Our observations run 24/7 so you don’t have to.


We identify potential threats and operational deficiencies faster than a human eye, without impacting the insects’ behaviours.


Web and app dashboard with real time notifications are accessible anytime, from anywhere.


Machine learning tools and closed loop controls repeatedly optimize the conditions of your farm.

Insects to Feed Our Food

Insect production requires 99% less land than traditional livestock feed productions.

Insects as feed can replace traditional ingredients, such as corn and soy, fed to our current livestock, making them a net zero addition to feed and reducing the environmental impacts of our livestock operations.


Bug Mars uses technology to address food insecurity, hunger and climate change.

Our system helps insect producers meet the growing demand for alternative proteins, for a more sustainable future. 

We are making sustainable protein abundant, affordable and available for everyone. On our planet, and maybe beyond?

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