Insect Farming For Everyone

Our advanced AI technology, Hexapod, automates routine tasks, improving yields in insect farming.

  • 33
    Nat Duncan

    “We are rethinking the ways in which sustainable farming can be made profitable and accessible. I want the world to consume more insects, and I want to find new ways to make that possible."

  • 34
    Seth Hardy

    “Food production is critical infrastructure.”

  • 32
    Michael Townsend

    Senior Software Engineer
    “When Bug Mars was conceptualised, my involvement was certain. The combination of prosocial goals, cutting-edge technology, and futurist thinking slightly ahead of the general consciousness was too good to pass up. I believe the world needs Bug Mars.”

  • 31
    Lee Bess, PhD

    Chief Insect Officer
    “Insect behavior is endlessly fascinating. Understanding and monitoring the behavior and metabolic needs of insect livestock is vital to success in farming”


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